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Lactuc virosa, much overrated

I like my 36,000 subscribers, and the email I get. Many of the questions I can answer or I can refer the writer to where the answer can be found. But….

One question I have answered scores of times still get constantly in my mail box — daily — is about getting high on wild lettuce. Normally every reply is written by me and is new except about this Wild Lettuce. Why the interested in this species? It can be traced to an exaggerated entry on Wikipedia (which if you remember correctly is not authoritative. I have found so many plant mistakes in Wikipedia I have stopped correcting them. Forager Beware!)

Here’s the bottom line. The species in question is Lactuca virosa. It is a native of Europe, not North America. Officially grows wild in six places in the United States: One county in Alabama, Washington DC, and four counties in California. I had one subscriber tell me it also grows in Georgia.  If you collect a lot of Lactuca virosa sap — not easy — dry it and ingest it you might take the edge off a toothache and fall asleep. A shot of vodka will do the same thing, is a lot easier to find and much cheaper in the long run.

Consider this: The U.S. military looked into it as a pain killer during WWII. It flunked. Lactuca virosa is so weak no one wants to outlaw it, even in Europe where it grows everywhere. On the other hand, there is a species growing near me that has a chemical in it that is the most abused chemical by physicians and nurses. No one is selling it as a high so it is not plastered all over the internet….wait… how could I have been so stupid?

Maybe I can make some money here…This plant is legal, but it grows all over the place locally…. I’d have to make it a scarcity somehow… I know… I could solar dry it (cheap) and call it “naturally processed to retain all of its potency” …. I could call it a little-known “ethnobotanical” (that’s what the lettuce sellers call their stuff.) I could say this “mood enhancer” is the preferred recreational drug of choice among medical professionals…. and they know drugs! I could make a fortune…. Dang! I shoulda thought of this years ago….

I also know for a fact that many have considered making this plant illegal — the drug in it is controlled — and the plant would be illegal if not for the fact it grows wild all over the place. That would be my financial downfall… I can’t realistically corner the market. The plant is prolific…. And the moment you educate your customers they’ll  be gone, picking their own stuff.  Oh well… one can dream of riches….

As for those of you who want to go find the European lettuce in the U.S. have at it… if you want to know where that lettuce grows, find a Google search window, type in Lactuca virosa USDA then scroll down and look at the map. Happy hunting… and please don’t ask me about it again….I’m going to go make me a cup of special tea… and relax…..

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lucas July 31, 2012 at 21:24

I was reading on your site about a few edible plants.
i read the article about Lactuc virosa, I living in ontario canada and I have a patch growing with the rest of my weeds lol.
after reading your articsal I was keeping an eye out for the plant on the side of the road and at friends houses who also have a fair amount of property, there was none.
do you think the last people who lived there would have planted it or could it show up naturally in that part of the world???

also, im curious to know what plant has the chemical that is most abused by physicians?
i try not to use anything but a health diet and immune supporting plants myself.



Green Deane August 1, 2012 at 06:47

The beebalms


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