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Thanks for contacting me about the DVDs. If you have a problem or found a mistake please leave a message below. The system will then notify me you have left a message. Below are some items thus far that cannot be changed on the DVDs.

Episode 4 [Time Stamp 00:21]:

Common terms can be confusing and in this early video I wasn’t thinking. I am comparing two sow thistles, also called wild lettuce (as is lactuca.) In this video, I am comparing Sonchus oleraceus and Sonchus asper (the latter has little spines on the leaves.)

Episode 31 [Time Stamp 07:01]:

Clarification: Totally ripe Queen Palm fruit are edible. Unripe fruit are not.

Episode 37 [Time Stamp 05:25]:

Clarification: Sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense)

Episode 59 [Time Stamp 00:16]:

I had a senior moment. This is a Sonchus oleraceus, the common sow thistle. It is also called Wild Lettuce. Throughout this video, when I say “Lactuca” I should have said “Sonchus.”

Episode 117 [Time Stamp 05:51]:

(The mulberry) fruits in the spring or early summer in northern climates.

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