Bees In Litigation

The last time I visited relatives in Greece, September 2006,  I had “tea” with one of two then-living first cousins of my grandmother, both in their 90s, Maria and Alexandros Karantzalis. And while that might be relevant to write about here some day, it was the tea that was interesting. It was quite nice. My relatives sent me on my way with some. That tea, of course, was not oriental tea but resembled it. I learned in time it was an herbal  mountain tea, Sideritis usually.

Last week, a year and a half later, I wondered…. I know it likes to grow on cool mountains but … I shook the package and got about 70 seeds. I put them in little peat pots. None have sprouted yet. No doubt I violated some law, which brings me to lawyers. Do you know real estate lawyers now advice against clover because it attracts bees and bees sting and stings can lead to law suits. I think we need more bees and less lawyers (and I say that as one accepted to law school.) Most of the folks elected to state legislatures are lawyers, and they spend their time making laws. That seems to me like an incestuous conflict of interest.  Perhaps being a lawyer should automatically disqualify someone from holding public office… Bee keeping might be appropriate….

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