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Most Watched Forager In The World

Hello there, I’m Green Deane and I’ve been foraging since I was a child or for over 60 years.

Long before I went to school my mother would hand me a table knife and a paper bag and tell me to go find some dandelion greens for supper. While doing that I noticed wild strawberries, later checkerberries, raspberries, apples and roses.  My mother foraged as did my grandmother and great grandmother. I learned about plants long before I learned what their names were.

As a latchkey kid I also spent a lot of time alone in the woods: Hiking, camping, fishing, exploring rivers, stone walls, old orchards, mountains, woods roads and old homesteads. I also made my first batch of home made cooking-malt beer then dandelion wine while in junior high.

After military service and college I moved from the land of ice and snow to orange groves and gardening year round. I studied locally with noted forager Dick Deureling and was a member of the Native Plant Society. Foraging is like rigging, you learn by doing.

I started to give wild food presentations about 20 years ago. Towards that end I created my “Itemizing” system to help beginners not only organize information but to give them a successful method to investigate a plant and make sure key points are covered. Nearly all of my plant articles are organized with my system in mind and I wrote every one. A few years ago I started making wild edible videos for my friends. That has made me via You Tube the most watched forager in the world with around three million views. I also started a foraging website in 2008. I teach about wild edibles full time. My goal is to help people who want to know more about foragables to enjoy the process and be safe while doing so. While I am now based in Florida my website and experience includes northern climates and international foraging.

I hold a degree in education, summa cum laude, from the University of Maine and did two years of graduate study in communication at the University of Central Florida. I am the author of two published books and am an award-winning writer and photographer. Besides being a life-long professional musician and member of MENSA, my interests include cooking, cast netting, canoeing, kayaking, dancing, trying to play Bridge better, and visiting relatives in Greece. Somehow through all of that I also manged to unintentionally remain a bachelor.

While most of the articles are about plants and a few off-beat animals there are some editorials here and there. If you are a beginning forager you might want to get started with my videos and read the accompanying articles in that the first several dozen videos are in seasonal order. Learning a plant or two a month is quite easy.

You can contact me personally here. Thanks for visiting. Toodles

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